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Boozhoo niij-bimaabizidog!


I feel like I haven't posted enough, but I haven't been able to record any audio files yet. So here are some quick rules for speaking. It sort of spills over into writing/orthography, but that's ok.

I have a few lists of vocabulary terms that will build upon the other materials I have posted, verbs that would be good to practice these rules on. I also have to finally record numbers and month names so that you can all customize the Boozhoo Speech to your liking.

Until then, check out....


Some Useful Rules:


use of hyphen within words demarcates actor pronoun from verb

    Example: niiji-bimaadiziig "my fellow human people"


when a verb begins with a consonant, use a prefix that ends with a vowel (ni-, gi-)

    Example: gidoodem “your clan is” nidoodem “my clan is”


when a verb begins with a vowel, use a prefix that ends with a consonant (ind-, gid-)

    Example: indizhinikaaz “my name is” gidizhinikaaz “your name is”


when first letter of verb is ‘o’, change to ‘oo’ when adding prefixes

    Example: onjibaa “s/he is from”  indoonjibaa “I am from” and gidoonjibaa “you are from”


These next three rules show how useful the double-vowel orthography can be for learning how to speak Ojibwemowin:


when a (3p) verb ends with a short vowel (-i, -a, -o), drop the ending vowel for 1p or 2p* 

    Example: izhinikaazo “his/her name is”  indizhinikaaz “my name is” gidizhinikaaz “your name is”


when a verb ends with a short vowel, don’t drop the vowel for 3p

    Example: izhinkaazo “his/her name is”


when a verb ends with a long vowel (-e, -ii, -aa, -oo), don’t drop the vowel

    Example: bimibatoo “s/he is running” nibimibatoo “I am running” gibimibatoo “you are running”


reduplicative sounds means habitual or usually

    Example:       Cornell University nindananokii.

I usually work at the Cornell University

Cornell ninanokii.

I work at Cornell.


 * 1p, 2p, and 3p mean "first person," "second person," and "third person," respectively. In these examples, they are all singular forms, so I left off the "s" (as in 1ps, 2ps, and 3ps).



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