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Boozhoo niij-bimaabizidog!


I feel like I haven't posted enough, but I haven't been able to record any audio files yet. So here are some quick rules for speaking. It sort of spills over into writing/orthography, but that's ok.

I have a few lists of vocabulary terms that will build upon the other materials I have posted, verbs that would be good to practice these rules on. I also have to finally record numbers and month names so that you can all customize the Boozhoo Speech to your liking.

Until then, check out....


Boozhoo niijii-bimaadizidog!

I'm away from my desktop computer and recording equipment, and just got wifi, so it has been a while since I posted any Ojibwemowin content. I might not be able to record anything for a few more weeks, so sorry for the lack of content.

Here are a few useful, if somewhat loosely categorized, phrases. Most of them are of the “checking in” variety, for those times when you have to ask a kid if they need something.


Boozhoo, niijii-bimaadizidog!


I don’t know about you, but sometimes after a big dinner it is good to watch a movie together as a family. Here are some phrases related to that situation, so long as the kids don’t fall asleep first.



Boozhoo, niijii-bimaadizidog!


In keeping with the current theme of bossing kids around, here are some phrases for use at meal times.



Boozhoo niijii-bimaadizidog!


Here are some phrases for sharing during activities with your kids! In keeping with the theme from last month, being bossy, I have included some phrases that are frequently used in between activities.