Allegiance: Now Do You Understand?

I was lucky enough to participate in a Split Rock Arts Workshop on Acrylic Collage with Linda Lomahaftewa. After a couple days of self-consciousness confining my creativity to ideologically vacant work, I did this. It was the summer of 2002.

Acrylic, appropriated images, shredded US currency, NYC subway tokens, copper pennies, and permanent marker on masonite.  24" by 32”



Postcards 5.5" by 8.5” on heavy (15pt) coated gloss paper (require full 1st Class Postage) $15 for a pack of 10 (with any number signed).



Or, if you're really wanting to make my year, buy the original for $50,000 (including packing, shipping, insurance, and handling).



Other formats, including as a notebook cover, are available from my ShinnobShop hosted by CafePress.

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