I am an artist and musician. 

I work in acrylics, collage, and multimedia.  I make star quilts, regalia, leatherwork, and beadwork.

My musical influences include Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Godflesh, Slayer, Miles Davis, and Skinny Puppy.  I play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, dobro, cedar flute, djembe, hand percussion, and sing.

Examples of my work will be available soon after the jump...




Allegiance: Now Do You Understand?

I was lucky enough to participate in a Split Rock Arts Workshop on Acrylic Collage with Linda Lomahaftewa. After a couple days of self-consciousness confining my creativity to ideologically vacant work, I did this. It was the summer of 2002.

Acrylic, appropriated images, shredded US currency, NYC subway tokens, copper pennies, and permanent marker on masonite.  24" by 32”



Back in 2008, I won the Lamb of God "Producer Challenge," sponsored by the band, Epic Records, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, and Apple's GarageBand. The band released a special edition of their album "Sacrament" that contained a bonus disc of the isolated audio stems (grouped by instrument) for fans to remix.


 I played my first solo gig ever. Ambient looped guitar with cedar flute.





I went to Jen Kutler’s record release party for “Disembodied,” and I’m still processing it. Here’s the description of the album:


Disembodied is a series of audio pieces generated by the vibrations and movements captured by an electronic ring worn on the finger of a feminine spectrum body while bringing themselves to orgasm. The ring transmits nothing but data in a spreadsheet. This is the first step in a series of de-sexualization experiments seeking to discover the amount of separation required to de-objectify a feminine spectrum body. The spreadsheet is parsed in Pure Data to create a variety of MIDI files which are given synthetic voices to generate twelve sound pieces (one for each participant’s set of data. The timbres and textures draw from pure tones, field recordings, and granular synthesis to create long drones, complex harmonies and dynamic timbral shifts. Participating artists (data providers) include Rena Anakwe, Stephanie Germaine, Sofy Yuditskaya, Quintan Ana Wikswo, Meagan Johnson, Amelia Moon, Caroline Partamian, L.Barnes, Meg Noe, Jenn Grossman, Merche Blasco and Jen Kutler.